Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Snake Handlers of Harlan, KY

In light of the recent death of a religious snake handler here in the United States, I share with you an International News Photo from October 23, 1947 of snake handler W. H. Edmonds holding aloft a poisonous timber rattlesnake during a worship service in Harlan, KY. Though outlawed, the practice obviously continues today in some remote regions of the United States.

Photo collection of John and Teenuh Foster


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snakeman said...

Just this year another snake handling preecher died in the USA. The practice is allowed in some states under religious freedom provisions. However it does make common sense for anyone, including men of God, to do a snake handling course or two before engaging on a career of handling deadly snakes.
An early death from snakebite does the handler no credit at all.
All the best

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